About WannaBox

WannaBox Kennels was started in 2003, before I even knew it. I was just graduating high school and looking for the right dog to keep me company when I moved out of my parents house. Little did I know that that dog would turn out to be the foundation of my line.


Savoye's Cavalier Lace "Lacy" was my high school graduation gift but she turned out to be so, so much more. She and I bonded instantly, a bond so strong that very few understand. She gave me life. She introduced me to one of the best friends I have, Pam Savoye. Pam taught me everything I know about Boxers and I can't thank her enough for everything she has done for me.


I am still new to the world of Boxers and I know it is a lifelong learning process but I know it will be a fun one because along the way, I'll always have a Boxer by my side.

WannaBox Kennels

 Boxers that give you more love,

laughs understanding, compassion,

support, protection, insight, awe and

cuddles than you could ever imagine.

Oh, and they're damn good lookin'




Megan Byers

Omaha, NE