WE HAVE PUPPIES!!! Updated 4/26/16

Trixie- flashy brindle girl, 6mo, available 



If you are interested in a puppy, please fill out the application below and email it to me, at meganbyers@hotmail.com









How did you hear about us?


Have you ever owned a Boxer before?


Why do you want a Boxer?


Do you want a male or female? Why?


Do you want a specific color? If so, why?


What kind of personality are you looking for in a dog?


Please list all other pets in your home or on your property:


Please tell me more about your pets:


How many dogs have you owned in the past? What happened to them?


How many people live in your home? Ages?


Please tell me more about your family:


Who will train the puppy? How do they intend to train the puppy?


Who will be in charge of the puppy’s care?


Do you live in a house or apartment? Own or rent?


How big is your yard? Is your yard fenced? If so what kind of fence? Height?


Where will your Boxer be kept during the day?


Where will your Boxer be kept at night?


How many hours will your Boxer be home alone each day?


What are your family's hobbies?


What types of activities would your Boxer do outside of the home?


What is a typical day like at your home?


Do you intend to have a kennel/crate for your Boxer?


What will you do with your Boxer when you are out of town? Do you travel a lot?


Will you spay/neuter your Boxer? Do you want to breed him/her?


Do you want your Boxer to have cropped or natural ears?


Are you committed to care for this dog's needs for his lifetime?


What will you do if you have an un-avoidable life change that requires you to not own the dog anymore? What reasons would cause you to “get rid of” a dog?


Please list 3 references of people who do not live with you but have met your dogs/seen your home:


Please provide the name and phone number of your veterinarian.


Additional comments or concerns: